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ZJ-TY1811 distributed UAV jammer is suitable for the area protection of relatively fixed sites of activity.The jamming angle of the equipment can be selected from 45°~180°, and the jamming radius can reach more than 4km. 
 Equipment Features 
 Block all frequency bands of UAV and satellite signal at present; 
 Use multielement space composite beam. High energy utilization; 
 The target will automatically return or hover before entering the protected area; 
 Can be linked to the detection system; 
 Lower radiation comparing with products in the industry; 
 Support AC and DC power supply mode; 
 Optional remote control operation mode; 
 The erection of equipment is simple and convenient; 
 IP67 waterproof and dustproof.

Distributed/ Portable UAV Jammer ZJ-TY1811
UAV passive detection equipment ZJ-TY1821
ZJ-TY1821 has a high speed digital frequency hopping receiver with multiple frequency bands. It can receive the downlink signal (image transmission or digital transmission) from various UAVs (excluding military UAV) on the market, and then identify features and parameters, decode and analyze the protocol, thereby it can identify the distant UAV. 
 ZJ-TY1821 adopts exclusive receiver with special design. Compared to similar equipment which use a universal full bands receiver, ZJ-TY1821 enjoys high sensitivity and low false alarm. The detection distance is 0~8km. The detection angle can be configured from 45° to 360°。

Use the multi-rotor vertical takeoff and landing to lift off . 
Then converted to fixed wing with high speed cruise mode and get to the designated area quickly.And do the tracking or route patrol or monitoring in a fixed-point hover in the sky above designated area. After completing the mission, quickly leave the target area in fixed wing and return to the base. When arrive at the base, converted to the multi-rotor and land vertically 
Manual mode (applicable for the situation which is complex and required human operation ); 
Route mode (automatically flying, multiple waypoint settings, applicable for mission requirements); 
Guide mode(can set the destination in real time during flying)

Suport TD-LTE、FDD-LTE、TD- SCDMA、CDMA、 WCDMA、GSM 4G network communication; Beidou satellite short message( optional) Own gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetic compass, barometer, GPS; Data record(SD card) Work and send data independently; Supply sufficient power independently in case the plane crashes Communicate With flight control .
Surveying and mapping, aerial photography, plant protection, patrol;
Start up terminal; 
Flight path ;
Real time location ;
Flight times ;
Flight duration ;
Remote shut down ;
Remote route setting.

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